About Us

Davina Calloway Founder, CEO of Three Little Teepees

   Three Little Teepees is Atlanta’s first teepee sleepover rental service for children ages 5 years and older as well as teenagers and adults! We deliver, setup and pickup the following day providing you with excellent customer service and an experience you and your children will always remember. Sleepovers are a great way to bring family and friends together. It is a time of bonding and endless storytelling. 


   Three Little Teepees was created and inspired by our three HUGE blessings, Aniyah, Alanna and Victor C. III. Aniyah is our book worm. She learned to read at the age of four and she loves to explore and challenge herself. Alanna, loves to challenge US, lol but is the most caring little girl you'll ever meet. Lastly, we have our Budha, Yogi Bear, Victor C. III. He has many nicknames but we all call him "Tre". Now in the toddler phase, he quickly finds out how things work and puts it to the test! He can light up the room with his dimpled smile.


  Three different personalities that bring joy and happiness to our family and those around us. Their laughter, their smile, their hugs, kisses and imagination is what makes life worthwhile.


 This is OUR tribe.

This is Three Little Teepees.

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